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Whether it is facial rejuvenation or contouring enhancement the Cosmetic Dentistry Center NYC offers treatments that subtly enhance your natural assets, creating a look that is authentic and introduces a renewed self-confidence. We offer the most advanced and current non-invasive skin therapies and adhere to the philosophy that natural form enhances the essence of beauty.


By stimulating your natural collagen, this gel filler helps rebuild the foundation of your facial structure. Radiesse is comprised of Calcuim Hydroxlapatite (CaHA) microspheres in the form of gel and is injected to help grow your collagen. Because this unique technology stimulates your body to produce its own collage, the effects can be seen immediately and will continue to show improvement for months to come.


Fine lines and deep wrinkles found around the eyes and forehead can make you seem as if you are scowling or squinting. These dynamic wrinkles which develop over time and become increasingly static, can present you to the world in a misunderstood negative light. The prescription medicine found in Botox is designed to eliminate this negative appearance and reveal your true, brighter self.


Comprised of a combination of the naturally produced substance hyaluronic acid and the numbing agent lidocaine, Juvederm has become a highly popular derma gel filler. Helping smooth away wrinkles and folds on the central-most areas of your face, this biodegradable technology enhances your natural beauty with long-lasting effects.


This safe and natural cosmetic filler is used to restore your skin’s volume, enhance your lips fullness, and eliminate those wrinkles around the mouth and nasal area. At its base, Restylane is hyaluronic acid – a natural hydrator, cell protector and cushioning agent already found within your skin’s DNA. As a result of its natural inhibitor, there is virtually no risk of allergic reaction making this one of the most widely used derma fillers on the market.


This derma filler is different from all the other fillers as it works deep within the dermis, reinforcing your skin’s structure and correcting deep facial depressions and contour deficiencies. Sculptra is made of a synthetic yet biodegradable polymer called poly-L-lactic acid which, through the intense stimulation of collagen, gradually targets underlying structural issues to help slowly rebuild and strengthen your natural facial beauty.

Lip Augmentation

There are many injectable treatments available to enhance the appearance of lips today. These procedures plump lips and add fullness, while reducing the appearance of fine lines around the mouth.

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If you are in need of a lip augmentation, BOTOX, filler, general dentistry, restorative dentistry, prosthetic, implant dentistry or cosmetic dentistry we offer a comprehensive range of quality dental services for you. Please feel free to contact the Gramercy Park, NYC cosmetic dentist today.

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