Laser Teeth Whitening

Benefits of Teeth Whitening with LaserSmile™:

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Laser Teeth Whitening with LaserSmile™ is an FDA medically approved device for laser Teeth Whitening. A professional dental cleaning procedure may be advised (in all cases) to help the Teeth Whitening treatment penetrate deeper and more evenly.

Teeth discolorations can be caused by smoking cigarettes, dietary habits (such as excessive tea or coffee consumption and red wine consumption), the effects of childhood antibiotics, or, most commonly, due to time. As we get older our teeth may begin to appear discolored due to the natural aging process. Tooth Whitening can rejuvenate your teeth and help you recapture a beautiful smile.

● Dramatically shorter laser teeth whitening treatment – average teeth whitening time is approximately 20 minutes

● LaserSmile™ time avoids excess heat & sensitivity common to other teeth whitening devices – promoting patient comfort, safety, and self-confidence

● Unlike other brands including Zoom!, there is no exposure to harmful UV light.

Before and After Laser Whitening

Before LaserSmile WhiteningAfter LaserSmile Whitening
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