Dr. Pia

Dentistry is a science, and cosmetic dentistry is an art.

Imagine your smile, flawless… perfectly created, as it was meant to be. Your  presence in a room becomes palpable, it’s known… others are drawn to you. It’s your smile. It’s universal. It speaks all languages. It breaks down barriers. It communicates confidence, love, and acceptance. Unique as a fingerprint, your smile can change the world in an instant. It’s transformative and timeless.

Your smile, the story of you. Artistic perfection.

Dental Services & More

Restoring confidence. Restoring your smile. Restoring you.

Emerging from the darkness and into the light, where you should be.
Dr. Pia is your guide to a perfectly created smile, waiting to be revealed.

Celebrity Dentist

Your smile, perfectly created.

Cosmetic Dentistry

As an artist, Dr. Pia works with you on the best approach to not just finding a solution but a permanent transformation that you’ll be proud of… forever changed, the self you know…wanting to be unveiled. Together, you and Dr. Pia work on restorative steps to the elegance and power of your smile. 

Renowned for her work with distinguished and celebrity-status clientele, Dr. Pia’s reputation in cosmetic dentistry is synonymous with extraordinary and exceptional–yet on-call for clients of all walks of life. Her media accolades run the gamut. Heralded as the “Model Dentist” by Fashion Wire Daily, the “Tooth Fairy” by New York Magazine and “The Smile Boutique in the Dentist’s Office” by The New York Times, Dr. Pia’s influence shines from one end of the horizon to the next. Her elegance and artistry remain grounded in her ability to bring confidence and fulfillment to every smile she meets.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Dr. Pia is a perfectionist and this is what you want for a dentist! She goes out of her way to accommodate her clients. Thanks, Pia!
Brooke Shields
Thanks for giving me a great smile !! Juice on!
Joe Cross
Film Maker
Thank You for such a wonderful smile and new set of teeth! Much Love!
Ben Hill
Dr Pia
Energy- Talent- Love you
You make me smile
Mayowa Nicola
Photo of NYC Office

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